Sno Cone Instructions

Sno Cone Instructions

Sno Cone Machine
Sno Cone Machine



1. Place the unit in a prominent location on a level counter.

2. Precaution should be taken so customers do not come in contact with the unit since it has sharp blades.

3. Plug the power cord into a suitable (20 amp) 120 volt outlet that can provide the required wattage. Having other appliances on a circuit, may prevent your unit from receiving the necessary voltage.

4. Regular ice cubes are required for this machine. These bags can be purchased at any local grocery store.


1. Place ice on the top hopper.

2. Turn the machine to the ON position, but remember to turn the button on machine to the OFF position.

3. You will need approximately 1 pound of ice per snow cone serving.

4. Try to only shave the amount of ice you need for your servings since shaved ice melts faster than ice cubes.


1. Scoop out the shaved ice from the machine with the scooper into a cone or cup and top it off with your favorite syrup.

CLEANING No Cleaning is required just empty out all excess water out.

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