Lollipop Bar Rules

Bounce House Rules General Moonwalk Inflatable Rules to follow during use of the Jumpy Fun Units:

I.  Only compatible age groups and sizes should play in the units at the same time. The maximum number of riders of each group to play together at one time are as follows:


A. Children 8 & Under = 8 at a time.

B. Children 9-12 = 5-6 at a time.

C. Teens = 3 -4 at a time

D. Adults = 1-3 at a time


One person at a time per lane at the top of the slide.

II.  All riders MUST REMOVE SHOES before entering the jump unit. (FLIP FLOPS NOT ALLOWED)

III.  The children’s safety depends upon you. YOUR PERSONAL SUPERVISION IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED! As the Lessee of the unit, the safety of all users is your responsibility.

IV.  ABSOLUTELY NO “SILLY STRING”, GUM, CANDY, FOOD, OR OTHER STICKY SUBSTANCES IN THE JUMP UNIT. If upon pickup, such cleaning is required, then a $50 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed.

V.  DO NOT move the jump unit from the place it is installed. If the unit moves, pull the corner back to its original location of installation.

 CAUTION: Keep the unit away from swimming pools.

cleaning bounce houses

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