Pop Corn Machine Instructions

Pop Corn Machine Instructions

Popcorn Machine
Popcorn Machine


1. Place the unit in a prominent location on a level counter.

2. Precaution should be taken so customers do not come in contact with the hot unit.

3. Plug the power cord into a suitable 120 volt outlet that can provide the required wattage. Having other appliances on a circuit, may prevent your unit from receiving the necessary voltage.


1. Add one bag of pre-measured coconut oil and 3 kernels to the kettle.

2. Turn all three buttons on top of the machine upward, to the ON position. The first button from left to right is the lamp light, the second button is to for the corn to rotate inside the kettle, and the last button on the right side is for the kettle to heat up. NOTE: Sometimes the kettle becomes disconnected from the machine. Make sure to check the black cable that’s inside the machine and make sure it’s connected to the bottom of the kettle.

4. When the first few kernels pop add the rest from the kit.  Once you all the popping has stopped turn off the kettle rotating button and the kettle heating button. You can leave the heating light ON only. Empty out all extra popcorn in the kettle by grabbing the kettle handle and turning it down. NOTE: If you fail to turn the kettle heating button off and there is no popcorn in the kettle it will burn the kettle and damage the machine. Never leave the kettle ON without popcorn in it.

5. One pre-measured popcorn bag makes 6 (1oz) servings. You may only pop one premeasured popcorn kits at one time. COOKING One pre-measured popcorn bag will take about 5 minutes to pop all the popcorn when the kettle his hot.


No Cleaning is required just empty out all the leftover popcorn.

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