Cotton Candy Instructions

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy MachineINSTALLATION
1. Place the unit in a prominent location on a level counter, where the sweet cotton candy will attract attention.
2. Plug the power cord into a suitable (20 amp) 120 volt outlet that can provide the required wattage. Having other appliances on a circuit, may prevent your unit from receiving the necessary voltage.
3. Place the plastic bowl on top of the cotton candy machine.
Make sure that the two bolts located on each side of the cotton candy head are screwed to the down position. They should be screwed down for all operation use and screwed to the up position only for transportation.
1. Add the cotton candy sugar to the top of the machine. Do not over fill. Just fill up about ¾.
2. Turn both the heating element button and the spin button to the ON position.
3. Once the cotton candy web start shooting out, catch the cotton candy with a paper cone spinning your cone the opposite direction the cotton candy head is spinning.  Fill one gallon bags and zip tie them closed to prepare for serving many people in a short period of time.
4. Once no more cotton candy is coming out and it starts to smell like burn. It means that there is no more sugar in the cotton candy head. Stop the motor from spinning and turn the heating element button to the OFF position and add more cotton candy sugar and
then turn back ON.
Do not add sugar when the motor is still spinning and the heating element is turned on. Do not turn on the machine without any sugar in it. It will burn the head and damage the machine.
1. One carton of cotton candy sugar makes approximately 60 – 70 cotton candy cones.
No Cleaning is required just empty out all excess sugar from the cotton candy head.
Note: Ask about our cotton candy bubble rental. This is a fibber glass top that prevents excess sugar from flying all over the place. This rental is only $15 per day.

Cotton Candy Bubble
Cotton Candy Bubble

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