• Delivery and Pickup

    • Reservation Length

      The rental period is for one day.  Your delivery is scheduled at least 1 hour prior to your event.  It will be picked up when your event is over (no 4 hour limit)!  Our latest pickup is 30 minutes before sunset, we do not pickup after dark.  If you are using the bounce house after dark we can pick up the next morning for a small fee.  

    • Delivery

      Jumpy Fun offers FREE delivery within 30 minutes of our warehouse.  Delivery is schedule at least 1 hour prior to the event.  Our first appointment is 10 am.  

    • Pickup

      The delivery staff will pick up the equipment when your event is over.  The last appointment is 30 minutes prior to sunset.  We can not pickup after dark.  If you will be using the bounce house after dark it can be scheduled to be picked up the next morning for a small fee.  

    • Setup

      Inflatables can be setup on a level surface such as grass, asphalt, concrete, or hardwood (no sand or dirt surfaces). Customer should ensure the site is large enough for setup and is prepared prior to delivery (i.e. Grass clippings picked up if recently mowed, leaves, sticks, and/or branches removed, vehicles/obstacles removed from site, etc). If upon delivery, Jumpy Fun determines the site is unsuitable for setup (i.e. not large enough space to accommodate bouncer, site is not prepared properly, etc), a cancellation of the event may occur resulting in full payment by the Lessee of the bouncer.

      After setup, the person who made the reservation or who made payment must be present to go over the safety guidelines and rental agreement with a staff member from Jumpy Fun. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the inflatable unit after setup to ensure unit is clean and free from tears prior to signing rental agreement.

    • Stairs

      Unfortunately the inflatables can not be delivered up or down the stairs.  They weigh hundreds of pounds and can not be moved over stairs.  

    • Water Slides

      Water slides can not be setup within 50 feet of a pool.  The slides soaker hose will be hooked up to your garden hose.  Leave the water on as low as it will go when in use.  

  • Site Preperation

    • Clear Debris

      Make sure the area is clear of any debris including ant piles and dog waste.  

  • Payment

    • Deposit

      Jumpy Fun is currently not charging a deposit.  We have been working for the wonderful people of Cobb and Cherokee Counties since 2001.  Our experience is that a deposit is not necessary.  This could be for a number of reasons.  One being that once someone tells their child they are getting a bounce house they almost never cancel.  Second being that people are good and trustworthy.  Third is our liberal cancellation policy.  For whatever reason we find our customers very easy to work for so we do not charge a deposit.  

    • Credit Card

      All Major Credit cards can be used to pay for the Jumpy Fun Rental at the time of delivery.  Our staff will run your credit card on their phone and an email receipt will be sent to you.  No credit card numbers are saved or disclosed to our company or its employees.  

    • Check

      A check can be used to pay for your Jumpy Fun Rental at the time of setup.  Please make it out to Jumpy Fun.  If a check is returned by the bank a $25 fee will be assessed.  

    • Cash

      Cash can be used to pay the balance of your Jumpy Fun Rental at the time of delivery.  Our delivery staff does not make change.  

    • Tax

      A 6% sales tax is added to the rental fee.